Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Day 2: Blank Space

Bonjour my internet friends,

Here we have a prime display of friendship. Taylor Alison Swift and Abigail Lauren Anderson. Can we just make a quick note of Abigail's hair colour? Okay, now proceed.

Day 2: Gingers and Taylor

For some strange reason, I have always associated gingers (specifically girls) with my lovely queen. I don't know why but that lady up there may be to blame. 

You see, in October of last year I started school, specifically PE or gym class, and I met this girl. She's a year younger than me and is super nice. I didn't know anything about her other than her name is Kristen, she's a ginger, and loves Taylor. She hadn't told me that yet actually. I just got a vibe from her that said 'SWIFTIE'. 

You may be asking, so was I right or wrong?

I was 100% correct. 

Kristen is a huge swiftie! 

We bonded so much over that lady and 1989, it was great. (And we are still great friends, can I say).

I also never thought much about it either but my aunt. Yes, previously mentioned aunt. Rachel. Hey.

She is and always has been and will be my number one partner in Swift. 

I also have to say my uncle too because we always talk about music together. Especially Taylor because I love her and he says she's a good performer. (He is a producer, photographer, and lead singer of the band Yuca, you can get their free single here: http://www.yuca.ca/#limitless.)

Also, more close to Taylor, Ed Sheeran anyone? Another name he is known by is Ginger Jesus? ;) Haha, despite that, Sweeran is the cutest friendship and make awesome music, separately and together. 

That's honestly all I can think of but shoutout to all the redheads and gingers of the world. 

You guys rock. :)

Keep smiling beautifuls, 
Naddy xoxo

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  1. Naddy, you mean the world to me. I love you so deeply and absolutely cherish all the talks we have. You inspire me so much and show me a world I am honored to live in. thank you for including me in your life. I feel honored every time we get to chat as I love hearing your heart and passion for all things. Love you sweety. Matt