Friday, 31 July 2015

Day 12: All You Had To Do Was Stay

Bonjour my internet friends,


Day 12: Anticipation

I am just so excited. Taylor is going to be here tomorrow (and I've heard she is here early!!!). The concert will obviously be so good.

This is going to be amazing.

I can't wait to meet all the swifties I've met on tumblr. Shelby, Alec, Caitlyn, Emily, and everyone. 

It's going to be so muc fun!!

This one is just a short one but I can't wait.

I have so many expectations but I'm going to try to go in with an open mind.

Loft '89 would be so cool but I know it's a slim chance (but a girl can hope!)

I have my outfit ready for tomorrow and we are raring to go!!

Taylor, all you have to do is stay. 

Keep smiling beautifuls,
Naddy xoxo

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  1. I can't wait either!!!! Now help me pick out my costume...please?!?!