Friday, 1 January 2016

Hello 2016! Harry Lou Year!

Bonjour my internet friends,

Sorry, I mean happy new year. Darn Louis and Harry always on my mind!

There is this account on Twitter that I totally love called @rtyour2k15 where she tweets things that people have done in the year and you retweet it if you have. So here are a list of things that I have done this year, via 'Retweet your 2k15'.

  • went to a wedding 
  • cried a little over Made in the A.M. 
  • met Tyler Oakley (06/07) 
  • became confident with who I am
  • had a class with my favourite teacher (English 10/11 and AVID 10) 
  • stopped caring (for the most part) about what people think of me
  • spent time with family 
  • learned to love myself 
  • saw Shawn Mendes (08/01) 
  • found out more about myself 
  • met a youtuber (Tyler and Korey Kuhl) 
  • made new friends 
  • went to the 1989 tour (08/01) 
  • survived March 25, 2015 (RIP) 
  • started thinking positively 
  • stopped trying to be someone other than me
  • rekindled a friendship 
  • got inspired 
  • realized my self worth 
  • realized that being single is okay 
  • gained confidence 
  • finished a whole book series (Vampire Academy) 
  • saw a shooting star
  • realized your grades don’t measure your self worth
  • saw Vance Joy (08/01)
  • watched the sunrise/sunset
  • laughed until you cried
  • told someone you loved them
  • had a sweet sixteen
and finally, the most important one:
  • had a great year
Keep Smiling Beautifuls,
Naddy xoxo

PS these are some accomplishments that I came up with myself that rtyour2k15 didn't do.
  • joined a new school club (GSA)
  • discovered new music (Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Benny, Hailee Steinfeld, Hey Violet, and Rachel Platten)
  • passed all my tenth grade exams (English, Science, and Math)
  • read past my 50 book goal (62!)

Looking Back on 2015's Goals

Bonjour my internet friends,

So it is a new year. Two thousand a sixteen. Wow. It felt like just yesterday that we were wrapping up 2014 in a few blog post fashion.

Last year, I wrote about things I accomplished over the year very vaguely. Quite sparse and very few things along with my 'For 2015' goals. Let's see how much I improved with those goals.
  1.  learn to unapologetically say "no" 
  2. tell more stories 
  3. read. read. read. read. read. 
  4. write more. write about everything. 
  5. pick up your camera again
  6. stop slouching. keep your chin up. 
  7. don't give a shit what others think of you
  8. have more solo dance parties in your room 
  9. keep your skin moisturized 
  10. appreciate every square inch of your body 
  11. life in not a competition. stop treating it like on. 
  12. be patient. be thankful. 
I'd like to say, in at least some way, shape, or form I accomplished these things. 
  1. I started saying "no" without apologizing and not agreeing because I felt guilty. 
  2. I told so many stories and had a lot of fun listening to others. 
  3. I completely read sixty-two books this year, ending the year with two on the go. 
  4. I wrote as much as I could, whether it was just for school or for fun or late night observations. 
  5. I took a lot of pictures and actually not only picked up my old point and shoot camera but bought my first real camera. 
  6. I am still working on sitting and standing straight (even now I am slouching, oops). But figuratively, I think that I grew a bit of a backbone and kept my chin up and stood taller, I was the bigger person. 
  7. I started to realize that people's opinions about me don't matter and I shouldn't care because the only person who's opinion should matter is my own. 
  8. I have had countless dance parties in my room (and house when I'm alone or not), just jamming out and enjoying myself. And also getting a serious workout. 
  9. I have normally smooth skin but I tried my best to wash and moisturize my face more. 
  10. I love my body. It is the body I was given, and I am not always totally happy with it all the time. But I love it more than I ever have before. 
  11. I am still learning this. It's conditioned in us at such a young age that it's hard to get out of. But I am slowly learning and working hard towards my goals and realizing that just because two people are going for the same goal doesn't mean only one will win. 
  12. Another one that's still a work in progress. 
I am pretty proud of myself and how well this past year has gone. I can't wait for this next year and how it will go. Here's to 2015, so far the best year of my life. 

Keep Smiling Beautifuls, 
Naddy xoxo