Monday, 20 July 2015

Day 1: Welcome to New York

Bonjour my internet friends, 

As you may notice, my title is capitalized (shocked whispers go throughout the crowd) and that Taylor Swift is yet again making an appearance on this blog (outraged shouts come at me). 

Hey hey, calm down. This is special! As you may also notice, it says 'Day 1' up there. 

This is for my 13 Days of Swift. The next 13 days leading up to 1989 Vancouver (including the day of). I am so excited! This is the first one so I hope you like it. 

Day 1: Discovery 

I discovered Taylor first when I was about 10 or 11 in ukulele camp. We learned Love Story and I was hooked. I loved it. When we performed it, I did my very best for Taylor. After that week, I downloaded Fearless onto a CD and listened to that for ages.

As it turned out, my aunt (hey Rachel!) was a fan of Taylor herself well before myself. She saw Taylor when she was itty bitty and an opening act for Rascal Flatts, I believe is what I've been told. She has been a fan for a while and we sat on the couch today singing Taylor Swift (album), from Picture to Burn to Our Song. It's hype for the concert! I mean, she is the one taking me. That was awesome. 

Anyway, back to my story. 

I was in and out of love with Taylor for these next years following. I believed the rumors and thought she was a terrible person and all about dating (I know, shame on me!). But that was 12 year old me. This is 15 (almost 16) year old me who knows better. 

I finally realized how much her music meant to me about a year and a half ago. I listened to her relentlessly and got myself so hyped for 1989 which is now my favourite album. 

I am so proud of her and everything she's done. I feel like I relate to her on a personal level. We are just about exactly 10 years apart. (1989 to my 1999). She loves New York more than I do which is a lot. 

She is my biggest inspiration and when I write songs, I channel her as much as I can! I could never speak ill of her and am part of the forever Taylor Swift defense squad. 

Love you Tay. <3

Keep smiling beautifuls, 
Naddy xoxo

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  1. Yes Nadine, Taylor opened for Rascal Flatts in 2008 and I went with my best friend Cassie. We both fell IN LOVE with Taylor and her music!!! Can't wait to watch you see her sing live and experience 1989 together!!! Love you sweety pie!!