Thursday, 30 July 2015

Day 11: Shake It Off

Bonjour my internet friends,

On August 14th, 2014 the world was exposed to the new sound of Taylor Swift in the form of Shake It Off. And finally, on October 27th, 2014 the world heard the entirety of the new sound.

Day 11: 1989

This album just rocks my world, holy! She did so amazing on this one and I am so proud of her. The cover is different than what she's done before and the whole sound is different but it's just so great.

As soon as I heard Welcome to New York, I fell in love. New York is one of my favourite cities (where Taylor happens to mainly reside) and I have always loved the atmosphere there. This song is just readying me to go there and what it says to me is: come on over and you will be welcomed with open arms and wild hearts. 

When I heard Shake It Off for the first time, I was like whoa. And then I listened to it again and was like, whoa. And then I listened to it again and was like, WHOA. This song is amazing! I don't give a crap what the girls in the locker room say about Taylor, I am just going to shake it off because this song is an anthem of mine as explained here. :)

Bad Blood is so amazing and hardcore. The original is awesome, especially when I first heard it but the remix with Kendrick Lamar is badass. I love the bass of the remix but the original lyrics. So it's a win-win because why not just listen to both? 

Wildest Dreams is such a beautiful mystical song. I just love singing it. It kind of reminds me of Lana Del Rey at some points. Much like Sad Beautiful Tragic actually. 

I just love the power of I Know Places. I love the metaphor of the hunters and foxes. And I mean, the chorus ugh beautiful

Clean is just such a coming out of something better song. Like, rehab or mental and physical healing. It's just so great and metaphorical. Rain came pouring down when I was drowning, That's when I could finally breathe. And by morning gone was any trace of you, I think I am finally clean. 

New Romantics is just. so great. I love the just happiness of it. Love your friends and forget about that long list of ex-lovers and that scarlet letter. It's like a song for all the hopeless romantics and just a slam in the face for anyone who doubts us. 

Now, Wonderland, I am so happy. I love Alice in Wonderland so the fact that she did this is so great. The lyrics are so great and I just love the mystical setting. I really wish she would've had this on the setlist. 

1989 is a fabulous album and I am obsessed. 

Keep smiling beautifuls, 
Naddy xoxo

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