Saturday, 14 March 2015

spring breaking

Bonjour my internet friends,

Today marks the first day of the two break anointed upon teachers and students in my area (and others I think too).

I have some plans for the following two weeks but other than that, I am a lost bird.

Oh well.

I am travelling somewhat. I am quite excited to visit my family. Even if they are only one province over.

I am also going to see The Duff with one of my school friends and then shopping (maybe) with some others for one of their birthday's.

See, I am not completely socially awkward.

I just hope that Diva and Lego don't completely drive me crazy. Kitty should be alright.

I mean, the two girls will be gone at a day camp next week. So it will just be myself and Lego, chilling.

Also known as watching youtube, reading, going online, playing games, and maybe doing some overdue work. Oops.

Spring break is such a great time for me.

I get to catch up on my sleep and just have fun, most of the time spending more time with my friends than usual.

It's like a two week long weekend. Pure bliss.

I've got to go enjoy this. I'm going to try and update more.

keep smiling beautifuls,
Naddy xoxo

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