Sunday, 8 February 2015

internet friends

Bonjour my internet friends,

Recently, I watched two videos that warmed my heart and made me smile. This one from Emma's point of view as she goes to meet Ash, and this one from Ash's point of view as they meet Emma.

The two have been internet friends since June of last year, meeting on tumblr due to both of their love of Troyler (Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley).

I follow both of their blogs and they are actually both quite fabulous!

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They met for the first time on January 31st, 2015.

Watching their videos gave me hope that one day I might meet the friends I've made online.

Because, from watching their videos, internet friends are just like real life best friends but far away.
It just brought me so much joy to see someone else happy. I was smiling during the entirety of their videos.

They made me think, ‛dang I can't wait to meet one of my friends, it's going to be just great.'

I love them all to pieces, even though we've never met face-to-face. They are such great people with big hearts and beautiful personalities.

See what I'm trying to say is that internet friends aren't any different from real-life friends.

So why do we differentiate?

They're our friends no matter what.

Through the tough times and the happy times, friends (in general) are always there for you. And really, that includes internet friends.

Ashlynn and Emma met because of Troye and Tyler.

I met a lot of my internet friends because of youtubers, bands, singers, and common interests.

If we don't have a common interest, we make one.

I have an entire online squad, and we have each other's backs.

They know who they are. If you're reading this as one of my internet friends, please know how much I appreciate knowing you and hope that one day we can meet for real.

keep smiling beautifuls,
Naddy xoxo

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