Friday, 26 December 2014

christmas: the most wonderful time of year

Bonjour my internet friends, 

As you all know, Christmas has just flown by. With turkeys stuffed, wrapping paper flying, and many more, things go quite fast. 

With all the build up, you think there would be more to it. 

Not really clearly. 

I honestly, didn't outdo myself. 

I got my little sister, let's call her Diva, an old perfume I didn't want anymore and gave my other younger sister, say Kitty, lots of luvin's, because I didn't actually think about getting them anything. 

My brother, Lego, got myself and my sisters and giant box with 'to Nadine and those other ones' written on the side. As you can tell, we have a little bit of a more bonded relationship. 

Except he built us up for nothing. Inside was a homemade card. It was a nice card. He glued the papers super cool and said really nice things. 

But you see, it was a big box. 

I know he did it on purpose, and it made me laugh. 

I received some pretty awesome things this Christmas. 

My maternal grandparents got me a kick-ass pair of boots that I just love. I am one hundred percent wearing them on the first day back to school. 

My paternal grandparents actually gave me 'Hey, Let's Make a Band' which is the 5 Seconds of Summer book that I wanted. I read it in under two hours and believe me, their jokes and dorkiness oozed off the pages. 

I got many more things, but the point of this post was not to gloat about my gifts. 

I want to focus on the real point of Christmas time. 

To me, Christmas means spending time with my close family, sleeping over at grandma's house, and eating lots of treats (especially chocolate bark and Pfeffernusse); feeling a certain sense of joy you can only feel at this time of year. 

I love this time of year. It is definitely my favourite of all time. Screw Easter, whatever Halloween, and any other "holiday". Christmas and New Year's is where the fun is had.

Christmas is amazing.

keep smiling beautifuls,
Naddy xoxo

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