Thursday, 6 April 2017

I Need To Take A Break

Take a break. Run away with us for the summer. Let's go upstate. We can all go stay with our father. There's a lake I know in a nearby park. You and I can go when the night gets dark. Take a break.

These lyrics honestly are echoing in my head right now. I am so stretched all over that I don't know what to do.

I recently obtained a job. So my weekend evenings are spent working and helping clean for closing the store. I come home exhausted and sleep late into the morning if I can. I'm stressed about remembering things. Like reading the screens and making certain orders. Like how many scoops go into a medium. It's been a month of learning and will continue.

I've also got two huge projects for the end of the year.

I've got a huge advocacy project for social justice. I love the class and am so happy that I am able to talk about things I am passionate about and learn about the world. I love being in a class of aware and *ahem* woke students. But this project is absolutely killing me. It’s a huge thing and I want to make a difference. I am loving that I keep getting resources but honestly it’s difficult when I want to do anything and everything to get my message out and make plans.

It’s also hard trying to pass some of the work onto a partner. Let me tell you. I want to have her do something but I don’t know what because I’ve always been in group projects where I end up doing all the work. It’s difficult but I need her to take some of the work away from me so that I can take a break and breathe for a minute.

Not to mention my forty to fifty page final assignment for creative writing. That’s right. Forty to fifty pages. I’ve got a plan, I just have to make sure it gets there. I so hope it will. I know it will. I just stress.

These two projects are due in completion in June. And it’s April. Time will go by so fast.

Not to mention, I am graduating and it’s prom season so I am in the works of helping my dress be completed! And I have to plan a promposal. I’ve got ideas. I’m excited for that one.

It’s just a suddenly hectic time and I am learning to balance it all. Who knew being an adult would be so …. Hard?! (Many hands raise as I shush.)

My point is that at this point in my life I need an outlet. So I am hoping to turn back to blogging as that. So if you come across this and the posts are getting a little weird, just know that I am going through a weird time.

Keep smiling,

P.S. Nothing for the month of March. I apologize.

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