Saturday, 20 June 2015

gracefully grayson (review)

Bonjour my internet friends,

I recently completed the novel, Gracefully Grayson, and it was definitely heart wrenching and beautiful.

A short synopsis:
Grayson is a sixth grader and has been holding a secret in his entire life: being born in the wrong body. He knows in his heart that he is very much a girl. His story tells of the acceptance, bullying, and friendships that Grayson encounters in the trial of seeing who Grayson really is.

Now to use proper pronouns for this character.

I really felt connected to Grayson as she navigated the sixth grade, continuously being misgendered and teased. Her journey is a tough one but what makes it amazing are the people who don't bat an eyelash or question Grayson's true identity.

I loved the idea of putting To Kill A Mockingbird and The Myth of Persephone as literary references to how she's feeling. Especially as it reveals the true opinions of some minor characters.

This all along with the loss of her parents. Being raised by her aunt and uncle, she had a different childhood than expected. Later in the novel, it is revealed her mother Lindy was very supportive of Grayson's choices to be "girly". But her aunt Sally was not so.

I will try not to spoil too much but there is just such an interesting dynamic and my favourite character other than Grayson and Paige (Grayson's new friend) is Grayson's younger cousin Brett.

Brett is only in second grade and is perfectly innocent. Every time someone questions something about Grayson's identity choices, "why? What's wrong with Grayson doing that?" It was truly eye opening. Because yeah, why *can't* Grayson do that?

It just makes me wish that we all still had the innocence and blindness we did as children. Clueless that according to society and adults, these things are wrong.

But they're not.

That is why I think this novel is so beautifully and brilliantly written. Well done, Ami. I applaud thee.

Keep smiling, beautifuls,
Naddy xoxo

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